The mission of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church is to love, welcome, nurture, and serve all people
by following the example of Jesus Christ.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sunday 11/20 11am - Christ the King

This Sunday we celebrate the vision of Christ as King. But he is a king like no other. While depicted as a ruler, Christ's kingdom is built not upon the power of his military forces, or the gold in his treasury, or the labor of the poor and exploited, but upon God's righteousness, God's justice, God's love for creation, and God's promise of salvation. God seen in Jesus Christ did not rule from an earthly throne, but was found amidst the poor, the suffering, the oppressed.

Our worship service begins at 11am, with Paul Ellis preaching. Come and share in Christ's kingdom.

May God's glory be yours.

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church
85 Wayne Street (btwn Barrow & Jersey Aves)
Downtown Jersey City

The image of Jesus seen on the right is "Christ of Maryknoll," by Robert Lentz.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sunday 11/6 - 11am worship

Reminder: Daylight Savings Time ends Saturday night - turn your clock BACK one hour.

This Sunday we will observe the feast of
All Saints, remembering our ancestors in faith,
especially those who have died this past year.
As we trust that God has written their names in the Book of Life,
we will write and read their names, and light candles
to remember the way they have lighted our way.

We will share in the communion of saints, in a service of
Holy Communion, Rev. John Melin preaching and presiding.

May God always hold you close.

St. Matthews Lutheran Church
85 Wayne Street (btwn Barrow & Jersey Aves)
Downtown Jersey City

Congregation news:
The Council will be appointing a call committee to work with the Synod and possible pastoral candidates. If you are interested in being part of that work, please contact Council President Paul Bellan-Boyer.