The mission of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church is to love, welcome, nurture, and serve all people
by following the example of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Season after Pentecost

The season after Pentecost is sometimes called "the long green season." The church color is green, mirroring the summer colors of the northern hemisphere. It also evokes the "greening power" of the Holy Spirit, associated with vitality, growth, and the unstoppable power of God to bring forth life.

The readings in these months focus on the journey of God's people in the Old Testament, and on Jesus' teachings as he journeyed through what we now call the Holy Land, but which he simply knew as his homeland.

This summer at St. Matthew's we worship downstairs at 10am with the comfort of air conditioning. At the same time we are asking ourselves "What is God's vision for us in this place?"

Each Sunday we touch a piece of the answer. In scripture, in prayer, and in the bread of fellowship God reaches out to lead us into God's kingdom of peace, of justice, of overflowing joy and mercy and gratitude.

Walk with Christ, who walks with us.

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church
Pastor Hans Arnesen
85 Wayne Street (btwn Barrow & Jersey Aves)
Downtown Jersey City

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