The mission of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church is to love, welcome, nurture, and serve all people
by following the example of Jesus Christ.


St. Matthew's has different ministry teams to use our gifts to share the good news of God and work for justice and peace in the world. (Please remove the word "NOSPAM-" from the email address in order to reach your contact.)

Pastoral Care - Contact Pastor Hans Arnesen, 718.869.3399 or Congregation President Paul Bellan-Boyer, 201.238.5987

Worship & Music - plans, evaluates, and oversees worship services. The Worship & Music team appreciate hearing your feedback and suggestions. Email: Worship & Music team

Finance - financial planning and administration. Contact: Treasurer

Outreach - develops relationships in and with the communities touching St. Matthew's. Contact: Outreach team

Prayer Team - regular prayer for the people of St. Matthew's and for their prayer concerns. Contact: Clarence Ponnapalli, team leader

Icons - windows into faith. Contact: Lisa Bellan-Boyer, Parish iconographer

Barrow Mansion - St. Matthew's owns the historic Barrow Mansion, located next to the church, and operated by the Barrow Mansion Development Corporation as a center for community life, small non-profits and businesses, and host to many 12-Step recovery groups.
Villa Borinquen - St. Matthew's played a pivotal role in establishing the Villa Borinquen development of affordable homes and continues to guide that project through the VB Board.

Congregation Council - Congregation Council members are elected by the congregation and serve as the main governance body between formal Congregation Meetings.