The mission of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church is to love, welcome, nurture, and serve all people
by following the example of Jesus Christ.


Gracious and loving God, bless this page and all who visit it. Hear the prayers of your people, and help us to know your saving presence in our lives and in the world. Amen.

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Congregation's prayer list:
Sustain all who suffer, O God, with your promise of new life. Strengthen those who are unemployed, marginalized, or persecuted. Renew those who struggle with mental and physical ailments, especially Liz, Emma Behrens, Barbara Ervin, the Rev. Ana Ortiz, Manjula Jaya Raj & her daughter, Betty, Pat & Jason, Ateev, Neena, Dr. A.S.Sudheer, Rev. J.A.Peter, Dr. Jayaraj, Carrie & Joseph Haverlock, David, Louis, Lois Jones, Mildred Gosine, Jennifer Arrindeh, Rodney Aycox, Sr., Albert Narine, Emily Narine, Jeremy Brown, Christian Adam, Lisa Bishop, Miriam & Jason, Charlotte, Andy Rhode, Andrew, Windell, Michael, John, Malik & Iyanna, Nicholas & Tania, St. Matthew’s prayer group, Redemption Children’s Home in Ghana, Lutheran Children’s Home of NJ, and the poor, homeless, and hungry of this city. Bless each with your presence and your grace.